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Brand Newport Cigarettes

Newport Cigarettes

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Traditionally associated to menthol cigarettes, Newport has managed to develop a new way of looking at regular cigarettes: this gave the company the unique chance of creating something truly unique and, at the same time, classic in nature. The cheap offers of Newport Non-Menthol are available today both in local stores and online, where you can get the opportunity to order as much as you like at an exceptional price.

The characteristics that set these cigarettes apart from their counterparts are as diverse as one may think:

  • 1.First of all, the price is of key importance here: Newport cigs are cheap, if not extremely cheap, whilst preserving the quality you expect from such a cigarette.
  • 2.The natural taste of these cigarettes is what truly makes them unique; having renounced at menthol for this variety, the producers saw themselves in a completely new situation: how to adequately create a cigarette with a natural feel without sticking to the basic taste? This led to new recipes, which are today reflected in every pack of Newport Non-Menthol.
  • 3.The design used for this variety reflects the traditional design, with the sole difference that the color scheme used is now red. This stresses on the importance of tradition and, at the same time, on the importance of changing as few elements as possible in the effort of reinventing and redefining the core identity of a brand.

Buy Newport Non-Menthol with confidence online and you’ll soon grow to love them and to purchase them on a regular basis for your daily use.